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Getting going

As Ferris Buller helpfully reminded us, things move pretty fast, and with that cheery thought, I'm adding bells and whistles to this project as quickly as I can.

First up, several people have asked about iTunes and podcast feeds for the episodes: I'm working on that as we speak. If you have other technical requests, then pipe up and we'll sort it out.

Second of all, I'm adding in this blog to track the project's development, and to address things that don't really fit in the episodes themselves.

Finally, a huge thank you to those who have made this get off to such a flying start: Berlaymonster, for his rocking logo; Ryan Heath, for inadvertently (and then advertently) giving the best opportunity for a launch date; and all of you who have signed up and listened in. Those of you who know me for elsewhere will know that I tend to do these things without much hope that anyone cares what I have to say, so it is very reassuring to know that there is an audience (even if it means I'm less likely to swear).

As I've said repeatedly, I'm really happy to tackle any of your questions, so do get in touch.

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