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After the referendum result

As you'll have noticed, we've a) had the referendum and b) slightly gone off the boil with new episodes since then.

In part that's because it's been such a hectic time for me with other (related) commitments on the "UK in a Changing Europe" programme that I've not managed to keep this up.

However, it's more because things have moved so quickly and in such strange directions that I've not known what I could usefully say that wouldn't be almost immediately superseded by events.

Now that we are a fortnight out from the result, things are a bit quieter (only a bit, mind), and I'm now more settled on my course of action from here on.

The key point is that I want to keep on posting new episodes as the UK works through its exit from the EU. I appreciate I might be committing myself to many years of podcasting by saying that, but easier to carry on, than to stop and then try to restart further down the line.

Moreover, as the past two weeks have shown, there's still plenty of confusion about many basics (and not-so-basics) around the EU, so there's still cause to try and unpack things for people. Given that there's an not-insignificant chance that there'll be another popular vote of some kind, then we might as well start now.

Plus, I secretly like the sound of my own voice.

So here's the deal. I'm not going to go at nearly the same speed as before, if only because it's a somewhat different gig: no timeframe, no confirmed popular vote and a silly big range of new topics to address.

I'm going to do a monthly round-up of progress, plus some explainers on process and issues (much like before). This means you can expect a bit of a spurge soon, but maybe less after that.

As always, I'm super-happy to take requests on any subject. Even sport. Again. So just contact me via the contact page, or on twitter (@ADietOfBrussels).

Onwards and upwards and let's see if we can't cast some light on all of this.

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